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My Pets 1 – A Tabby Tomcat

When I was a kid, I was extremely indolent about my schoolwork. It wasn’t like I was dim or something, I did perform above average in all my exams but as I never did my homework on my own I had to have extra tuition. When I was in fourth grade my tuition teacher was an old lady, a retired school teacher. She lived with her only son in an apartment some ten minute walk away from my home. She had this cute little tomcat. She said he came to her one day on his own not more than a month ago and she didn’t try to shoo him away and he just stayed. He was small, not fully grown; tabby grey with white paws. Whenever I had been studying or was at least trying to study he’d rub against my legs or my back purring, and then stretch on my lap. I started liking him, but he was driving my teacher crazy by habits like stealing food or pooping anywhere in house.

One day when I was at her home my tuition teacher was talking to someone about abandoning the cat and I blurted out “NO! Wait!” I asked her if she can wait for one day so I can ask my mother if I can have the cat. She tried to dissuade me but I convinced her saying “we live in a big house where he can go out any time and I’ll train him so he won’t defecate inside the house and I really want that cat and I’ll take care of him.” My tuition teacher wasn’t fully convinced but she agreed finally.

It wasn’t an easy task to convince my mother that I can really take care of that cat; but in the end I did it. It took me almost all the evening to induce her.

Next evening when I headed off from my tuition teacher’s home I was bouncy with joy, carrying my backpack of books on my back and holding a tabby grey cat at my chest with both hands. When I reached home, I gently put the cat down and he started exploring my house and I thought he liked it because he jumped on sofa, curled and dozed off. I was particularly happy that day.

Next morning when I woke up for school my parents were extremely annoyed, I found out soon that ‘my new pet’ had pooped under their bed and now they have to move their king sized bed to clean it. The stink was unbearable. I crept out of their bedroom; got ready for school and left home quietly without even waiting for my lunch box. When I returned from school I was rather worried about getting told off but no one said anything. That bothered me even more because I was feeling guilty myself so I approached my mother and declared that I was going to start training the cat first thing tomorrow.

That evening my tuition teacher sent me home early because I couldn’t concentrate on my studies as my whole mind was on ‘how I’m going to train my new pet.’ When I reached home I looked everywhere for my cat but couldn’t find him anywhere. I was starting to get worried when I heard him above my head on a tree in our front yard. He was stuck up there and wasn’t being able to get down so I tried everything that my brain could think of to get him down but he just sat there in a high fork. My father kept telling me “don’t worry, cats do know how to climb a tree and how to get down, he’ll come down all right” but I knew my pet was stuck so I managed to get a ladder from a neighbor; which was a tad short and I couldn’t reach where my cat was sitting so I kept on calling him to me. At around dusk my pet abruptly rose to his feet, climbed down the tree rather effortlessly and disappeared inside the house and I had to call my father to help me descend the high ladder.

Next morning there was again a surprise under my parent’s bed. It was a Sunday so I had to help cleaning that mess. I spent next two days teaching my pet things like pooping outside the house, eating or drinking only in his bowl, sleeping in his basket. At the end of the second day I was fairly happy for I thought I had achieved my goal. I went to sleep that night smiling to myself pompously. Next day I woke up early and went to look under my parent’s bed first thing in the morning. It was clean and when I reached in the living room my cat entered house from front door. I was in high spirits the whole day.

Next morning I learned that my cute little pet had reduced all my efforts to ashes. He absorbed again all the bad habits; Pooping under bed, eating anything that can be reached. My parents started asking me to get the cat back to my tuition teacher and I had to tell them that my tuition teacher didn’t want to keep the cat and to wait for few more days so I can try and train him.

A few days past, my cat did stop stealing food or at least reduced it and left alone my parents bed (because they kept their bedroom door locked) but he found another place under the sofa in living room.

One day I got back from school to find my cat nowhere in or around the house or up any tree. I asked everyone but nobody had seen him since morning. I dashed to my tuition teacher because I thought he must have gone there but he hadn’t. I searched for him whole evening but couldn’t find him. I waited at the front door for a long time but my pet didn’t come back. My parents were constantly telling me not to worry; he’ll come back but he never did. At last, after many days I learned that my father had taken him for a long drive that day and left him in care of a waiter of a motel on highway, far away from our home. I was mad at my parents for many days but now when I think of him I think he must have lived happily wherever he lived and a motel was definitely the best option for him.


I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

4 thoughts on “My Pets 1 – A Tabby Tomcat

  1. Your father should not have taken him. Your parents had no right to make you sit and wait for that cat for days like that, and lie to you about what happened.
    It was mental abuse.

    Sorry you had to go through that.
    I would never lie to my kids like that and make them suffer by waiting for something they loved that was never coming back.



  2. ☺ it’s OK, my parents always loved me so much, it’s just that; that cat was a trouble, I understand it now. And if they’d told me the truth I’d have made things worst. I was like that back then.


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