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    A few months ago one of my cousins, let’s say ‘P’, created a group on ‘WhatsApp Messenger’; it was named ‘Family Stars’. We were all cousins and uncles and aunts who shared this group and everyone is sophisticated. Then one day my cousin P who’d started this group had some argument with one of the uncles in group, let’s say ‘S’, and she left the group. P was the group administrator so when she left, randomly one of our aunts, W, became administrator and she was either lousy or unwilling she never added anyone to our group no matter how many times everyone asked her to. I even explained it to her, how to add a person to the group, but still she didn’t even replied to me. So finally my uncle S created a new group with the same name and added everyone to that group. Even cousin P was ready to join now and she was added along with a few new entries. Everything was fine for a few days; we would regularly chat on group, would share jokes and laugh together, would spread news, and all the stuff. Then one day our uncle P added one uncle A, who was new to WhatsApp and with whom I was not very agreeable, I don’t know why but I just couldn’t cope with him. Then he started posting adult jokes and ‘swear a lot’ jokes and stuff like that in our ‘Family Group’ and many of the members stopped posting or just posted once in a while when uncle A was off. I figured I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like uncle A much after all. A few members even left the group but uncle A didn’t notice.

    I was so irate I wouldn’t read messages if I saw his name but I couldn’t leave group because I was very fond of uncle S and didn’t want to hurt him. But, as it always happens, I can’t explain why yesterday I read a new message in our Family group which was from uncle A and of course it was of his usual standards. Without thinking, I left the group.

    This morning I got a message from my uncle S that read, “Why left group” and I don’t know how or why but I replied bluntly, “it’s not a family group anymore; it’s become a drunk and swears group. My uncle replied, “Ok, I’m deleting group, bye”. I couldn’t say anything to this so I just typed ‘sorry’ and sent.

    After a while I got a message from my cousin P, who sent me, ‘look at this ‘with a screen shot of our old ‘Family Stars’ group and I figured after I left the group uncle ‘A’ also left. I think he knew I left because of him. And uncle S had removed everyone after that so he must’ve really deleted the group.

    I haven’t talked to any uncle or aunt since and I know a few of them are hurt, especially uncle S, but all my cousins are fine and soon I’ll talk to uncle S and I think he’ll understand. And maybe we’ll create a new group without uncle A. But I learned that, ‘Sometimes you have to hurt a few people in family if you don’t want to tolerate only one person in family’.



I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

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