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My Pets 4 – A Doberman

After doves it was a Doberman, two years old, Shiny chocolate brown with little patches of light brown on both sides of his mouth and insides of all legs and paws and across chest. We had just shifted to our new big house and my dad brought him from a friend’s acquaintance for security reasons. – but we learned soon that he was pretty useless for security but at lest he barked when saw a new person so it was OK. I started waking up early to take him for running. Every morning I’d run at least a mile with him so it was also good for my health.

Then one day while washing him I found a small hole on his back, just an inch above his tail. The only vet in town told us the dog is deceased and won’t recover and his previous owner knew it.

I was quite upset but no one in my family wanted to get all upset when he died after making space in our hearts. So we took him back to his previous owner. He was with us only for a few days but he made a permanent space in my heart.



I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

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