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Driving lessons….

My sister’s husband bought a new car few days ago but he cannot drive yet so I’ve been using that car since and he was requesting me to give him driving lessons. I tried telling him to join a driving school but he refused deliberately.

Finally last Sunday, when I didn’t have anything better to do, I thought its time I should help him and we got into the car and drove to a newly developed housing complex where roads were wide and empty. On our way I started his lesson with the theory. No… before theory we did names of the parts used in driving a car (he actually didn’t know anything). After we completed theory I gave him just the steering wheel and he wasn’t all bad at keeping car on road. We drove back and forth on those unfilled roads; he, steering the car with a little assistance from me and me, shifting gears and controlling everything else. After an hour and a half we decided to call it a day. He was happy but nothing compared to me. I didn’t believe I could do it with such patience.

After two days, last Tuesday, he was at home and I had a few hours to spare so again we headed out to resume our lesson. For first ten minutes I only let him steer the car, it was kind of boring, so I told him to take the driver’s seat.

We started from the revision, first names of the parts, and then what to do first and then and after that. After revision I told him to start the car and he started the car a little over enthusiastically. Then I told him to push the clutch and put the car in first gear but to leave his right foot off the accelerator. He did that, and then I told him to very slowly release the clutch without accelerating. The car started to move without jerking to a halt once. He was a fast learner… or maybe I’m a good teacher. 🙂

We continued on first gear for a while without accelerating, and then stopped. I asked him to get the feel of the accelerator before actually using it. Then again we set off, this time with a little accelerator, and after about twenty minutes I thought it’s time to move on to second gear. Now this was tricky, when he tried to shift from first to second gear he wasn’t quick enough and car would slow down before he shifts the gear. This happened several times before he finally got it right and we practiced up and down those roads for a while.

I think next time he’ll drive the car quite well. I really don’t know if he is good at learning or I’m good at teaching, or maybe both. But I’m happy with the outcome.



I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

4 thoughts on “Driving lessons….

  1. Good luck on the driving lessons! You’re lucky to have a near-deserted housing area to practice in. I wanted to give my son a few lessons before driving school but I couldn’t find anywhere big and empty.

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