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And I survived…

When I was young I had this habit of touching every insect or crawling bug with my foot. It was a bad habit but I didn’t understand it until after this unpleasant incident. I don’t remember any of this by the way, but it’s just as everyone’s told me over the years.

I was four years old and we were living in a village with my grandparents back then. I was playing in our front yard and my uncle was sitting on front steps. I saw something crawling in front of me and as always I nudged it with my foot.

Unfortunately it was a scorpion and, you can guess what happened. My uncle was a few feet away from me and he saw me wince and also saw the scorpion. He says I didn’t cry at once, just stared at my foot transfixed. And when he was carrying me into the house I started to whimper.

I was then rushed to a doctor (followed by my whole family) and treated just in time.

I was survived and never again did I mess with any crawling thing.



I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

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