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My Pets 6 – Monty

I wanted a dog ever since my Doberman and I got a chance to have one when I was in seventh grade. One of my friend’s neighbor’ Pomeranian female had given birth to three puppies and my friend said he was going to have one of them and I could have one as the owner wasn’t selling them but he only wanted a nice family who could take care of those puppies. So next day I went to see those puppies with my friend and his brother. The puppies were cute – of course – but they were not pure Pomeranian. The mother was a Pomeranian but puppies were cross breeds, Pomeranian and local dog. Still I loved them. One of the three puppies was full white male; my friend had already chosen that one, another one was a white female with just some small black patches on her back but I wanted a male, which left me the one who was a combination of black and white.

This one-

(He was around two months old when this picture was taken)

He was a month old when I took him home where he had to cope with the kitten I already had, Manu. For a few days he was a little scared of Manu and she was terrified by him but eventually they became friends, best of the friends. They would eat together, play together, and sleep together in the basket I’d made for Manu. I named him Monty.

When Manu died Monty got my full attention. Of course I was sad for Manu but all the same, I had a pet to care for.

Monty was very polite and smart. Whenever I’d put him on my bed and he had to pee he’d jump down, or more accurately, stumble down from my two feet high bed. He’d still sleep in the same basket; he never chased cats in his life (however sometimes he’d chase a chicken).

4th November 1996 – 15th July 2010

    Four months after Monty one of my great uncles sent a Pomeranian puppy for me because I’d asked him for one before I brought Monty home. It was a female, Missy, (She is next in My Pets). Monty lived with my family for thirteen years and six months and still lives in our hearts.



I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

8 thoughts on “My Pets 6 – Monty

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  2. Yay! Puppies!
    Glad you finally had animals to love for a while.
    I love my bunny. I was never allowed to have pets as a child.
    As an adult I have had bunnies a few times. I love them.
    Glad I hung in there with your stories. I almost gave up too soon.
    Are you going to get any more pets? Do you have any noe
    It sounded like maybe one dog was still alive?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No, Missy died in 2009 and Monty a year later. After that I didn’t try and now I don’t have much time anyway. But hopefully I’ll have a puppy after a few more years.

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  4. It is hard to find time to take care of pets, especially if you have no one else in the house to help you with them. My daughters will help me to feed the bunny, if I am late at work or something.
    I was in the hospital for a few days recently, and they helped me with the bunny.
    Dogs require more care during the daytime though.
    Have a good night 🙂

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