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My Pets 7 – Missy

Missy was a Pomeranian female she was sent to me by a grand uncle as I mentioned in my last post. She was less than a month old when my grandfather brought her on a train and she was tumbling every two steps for the first day, the juddering train journey had bothered her so much. She was so little she could easily fit on my palm or in my shirt’s pocket. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of her when she was that young.

Missy 21st March 1997 – 6th June 2009

This one was taken when she was two and half years old

    She was never afraid of Monty. On the other hand she was always very bossy even when she was so tiny. Monty was five months old when Missy arrived and he always took care of her. When I’d feed them Missy would never eat from her own bowl but always started on Monty’s food and he’d just step aside and let her eat. Only once when Missy was a little older did he do something about it. I guess he was a little too hungry that day, but still he didn’t growl or lose his patience, he just pushed her to the wall and pinned her there for a while. Since that day she never looked at his food, and Monty continued to taking care of her. Missy was always a troublemaker so sometimes I had to keep her tied and Monty would try to chew her belt off. Missy was a little selfish; she never cared too much for Monty… or for me even. She was always my father’s baby, but she was family and so we all loved her and still do.



I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

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