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I started this blog two years ago and I was totally sure that I’ll post something everyday…
Well I tried…
Then I decided I’ll at least write a weekly post.
This worked… for a month or so and then my blog stayed unupdated and unread for a long time. then I stopped trying and posted whenever and whatever I felt like.
This is working so far and I’m happy.
And yes, whenever I feel, it’s been a long since I posted something, I babble like this.
Thank you readers for putting up with me 😉



I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

28 thoughts on “Rambling…

  1. i find some days i have lots to write about, others not so much. On the days i do, i schedule the posts for every second day to spread them out over the days i don’t. Works for me!

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  2. Kunal, Thank you for visiting my blog. There’s a pleasant spiritual atmosphere here at your site, and I appreciate that. I know what you mean about memory, for just when I thought I had tucked away a very negative relationship, harsh thoughts come my way. Take care.

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