Just a thought…

When I can’t sleep on a night like today’s I pray to god, ‘let me stay awake and alert forever. I’d like to never sleep and stay alert at all times. Then I’ll be able to read more, write more and still have time for my family and for myself and I’ll never be short on time.’
But when I sleep; I don’t want to wake even after six hours and sometimes even seven hours seems not enough. Why do we have to sleep? 🙂

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Al, My Brother

Who I am

I was wondering if I could get as many as possible to help me celebrate my brother’s anniversary date of his going to heaven and getting rid of MSA. He will be gone one year on March 24th. This is next Tuesday. This is what I would like you to do since we are all friends in these MSA groups. Instead of having a cake with purple candles, will you use a pen or marker and write something to Al on a purple balloon, blow it up, tie a knot in it and then let it soar to heaven? Just one is all you need to do. I am going to do mine in the morning since he left in the morning. What do you think, can we fill the skies with purple balloons in celebration of my brother getting rid of MSA????? If you agree and would like to…

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