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It was a hot summer afternoon, sun was burning white, and I had to go out of the comfort of my AC office for some stupid job which someone else couldn’t complete.  My boss keeps doing this, he is a devil, and he loves annoying me, and on top of that my car wasn’t feeling good so I had to ‘garagized’ her this morning, great… Just great…

I was pissed; ‘why always me?’ My life is so damn horrible.

When I reached near the bus stop I saw a bus leaving, I ran and tried to catch it………but…… use.… I missed a bus and I don’t know when the next one will come. Simply awesome!

While waiting for another bus I tried to cool my head. On my left there were few people waiting for bus, I tried to look at their faces……… actually it wasn’t helping at all. Most of them were looking just like me; a few were wearing flat poster faces, some seemed worried and some even angry, like myself. Only a young couple; leaning against a railing and a few school kids were happy about don’t know what. I turned away to my right and realized; a little boy not more than two was sitting on footpath and looking at me.

When our eyes met he smiled at me; the most pure and heart melting smile that you could not help but return.

His mother was sitting next to him and selling fruits on a stand of wasted boxes with that identical smile on her face. Neither blazing sun nor burning footpath was bothering them and the kid was happy playing with some small cardboard boxes. He kept looking at me in between his play and smiling the whole time.

I don’t remember when the bus arrived and I got on it, but that kid stayed clung to my mind. I have got everything much better than them; actually too much than them and still I’m complaining about almost everything. Why couldn’t I always be happy? I have a nice house, a car, a job that gets me more than my needs… Of course I can always be happy, satisfied.

I started feeling much better now; about everything. I love my job, I love my boss, I love my car, and I love myself.

When I got off the bus I couldn’t stop smiling…


I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

63 thoughts on “SATISFACTION

  1. Sometimes it seems like the more we have the more we think about what we don’t have. It’s nice to be reminded that we really have what we need when it comes down to it. I have a PreK student who is non-verbal, but the sweetest human I have met. She gently pats her classmates and gives them kisses on the cheek. She claps her hands and laughs when they have successes and rushes to them when they are struggling. Watching her fills me with joy at the sheer kindness she radiates. It reminds me that our energy affects those around us and we have the power to positively influence as well. Maybe next time your smile will be the thing to brighten someone else’s day.

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  2. I am surrounded by unhappy people at work. They whine and complain all the time. Today I heard a story on public radio about people in Nepal who have had to live in tents and less since a huge earthquake demolished their homes such a long time back. Politics is keeping aid, money and supplies in to help them rebuild their homes. This is something to really be unhappy about, NOT the petty little things most of see as being so bad…..

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  3. I love this post because you are so right – happiness is so often about perception and gratitude for what we have. The little boy was happy although he had almost nothing probably because his mother loved him. Now, after a lot of therapy and with medication, all my mental health problems and addictions are in recovery and I am happier and more peaceful than I have ever been. Although I have no children or partner in fact don’t really have a family I have a wonderful circle of friends around me and I feel incredibly grateful for my life. I am so glad that little boy changed your perspective it sounds like your life is pretty good.

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  4. This is great. You have a very evocative writing style; felt like I was there, seeing and hearing and feeling right along with you. Excellent reminder and very nice writing!

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  5. I can see why this post created such interest. Reminds me of American Beauty the movie and the leaf blowing in the breeze – it’s the simple pleasures that mean the most. We all need to be grateful for what we have rather than want what we haven’t got. And while I’m here, thanks for spending time at of late – you’ve been a regular visitor. Much appreciated. Thanks again…

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  6. Hey, thanks for liking my post. Thought I’d come over and check out your blog too. Really like this post. Accurately captures this sweet and humbling moment. Keep it up 😀

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  7. This is beautiful, Kunal. I understand it greatly. I was surprised to see how long ago this was written, and my name was not among the likes. I didn’t know I had been away from your blog that long. However my laptop was broke for a long time, and was working from a dinky tablet, tiny so wasn’t doing much visit cause it was hurting my eyesight, small typefaces. But I did make some visits, sparingly.

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  8. Sometimes it does take an outside event or point of view from another perspective to make us appreciate our own situation – even given all the nuisances, quibbles and seemingly unsurmountable problems everyday life throws at us. You are right with your quote about happiness being an inside job. Children still find it easier to appreciate small things and they smile and laugh more often than grown ups in a single day. At least that’s the theory and how it ought to be, I reckon. Childrens’ reactions are so immediate and preciously authentic. But that also means you can appreciate a grown-ups smile even more, because it is a rarer thing and may cost the person trying to brighten up your day more of an effort. Enriching each other’s day can probably start with a smile…
    hope the wee boy will somehow be able to follow in your footsteps some day

    Thanks for your story and
    thanks for liking my post on

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