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I visited all the beautiful places we once visited together; but now they were all ordinary places and I realized ‘all those places were beautiful because of you’



I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

73 thoughts on “Together…

  1. I guess this explains a lot after my last break up and why I literally ripped the walls, ceiling, and floors of the apartment my ex and I shared. To this day I’ve never stepped foot in that room. Ever.

    Extraordinary and poignant words. Thank you.

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  2. This is so very true and there is a magic to what you are saying here. If you have the sad fortune of losing the loved one that made the places you visited together then when you return to those places it is as if the loved one never left and the beauty ot the place is ever much more brigtht and joyous because of it.

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  3. Fabulous picture and what a beautiful sentence. It is so true the person you are with does influence your perception of the beauty of a place. When I went to Jamaica to visit my dying mother with my ex-boyfriend an ex-armed robber pimp and drug dealer who was nonetheless very supportive, the island seemed more beautiful than I remembered because of him. We found a beautiful spot where we thought we would get married and the feeling that attached to the place made it incredibly beautiful.

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  4. We are created to love, to share, and to communicate. Being together, seeing and hearing the same thing together brings special meaning and connection between us and what is around us. When you have someone to love, your heart is tender. When the love is forced to cease, your heart droops inwardly. Life is a journey. Keep going at your own pace!!

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