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My Pets: A Minute Pet

It was a summer vacation when I was around nine years old. I was visiting my uncle, who lived in a small village; in an old, tile-roofed house.

One afternoon I was just dawdling around the house like I did every noon back then and at a corner near the back door I saw something wriggling on the earth. It was something small, reddish brown, and I just had to see what it was, naturally… When I got near enough to examine it I saw something bald, with a tail and four tiny legs.

It was a newborn mouse and even its eyes weren’t open yet. It must have fallen from the rafters above. It was small, helpless, and cute; I had no choice but to take it under my protection; and I did just that.

I picked it up gently and put it in a small cardboard box. I tried to feed it with cotton dipped in milk. After some time my aunt found out what I was up to and advised me, very patiently, that it was no good and I should abandon my efforts.

Finally I agreed that the baby mouse should be left on the rafters, so its mother could find it, and handed it to my uncle. That was my smallest pet and for the shortest period.


I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

35 thoughts on “My Pets: A Minute Pet

  1. One year I let my girls each have a pet rat. When we went on vacation, one was pregnant. We left them with my mother to care for. In a couple of weeks/days she called to tell me, the one had birthed thirteen babies. A few weeks later she calls to tell me the babies were now pregnant and in a short time she had 38!! Mind you, we were only gone two months. I told her to take them to the pet store and just keep two. The pet store gladly took them for their snakes to feed, but it was pretty funny, my poor mom getting stuck with all that. I don’t think we kept the rats much longer after that. It made me wonder what your attic looked like. LOL

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  2. the beauty of the remembered stays with us long after the plastic of living in the unfiltered unmemorable moment is gone. Such moments are beautiful, because they are worth remembering. This definitely was. thank you.

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  3. I have been fond of rodents as pets for a long time. I had two pet laboratory rats at various times and both of them were absolutely affectionate sweethearts. My problem is that rodent pets are prone to respiratory ailments and it was pneumonia that took both my darling, precious little friends. However each of them did manage to live for almost 3 years and that is good for a small rodent pet. They average about 3 to 5 years longevity. I love your blog and I am keeping a link.

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  4. My son had a rat who was very smart. The pet store suggested to allow the pet to travel around the house and it would go back to a corner of its cage to go to the bathroom. His name was Argo and he rode in my son’s pocket when he rode his bike! I am sorry you didn’t have a chance to raise this wee little baby mouse.

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  5. What a touching story, but rather sad in a way. I suppose you never knew if the baby mouse made it or not – I hope it did. You obviously love animals so I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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  6. Thank you so much Eunice 😊 And yes I never found out about the bay mouse but I had a lot of pets over the years, I’ve written about them under my pets tag, hope you enjoy them.


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