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New Year, Same Life :mrgreen:

With yet another new year I’m reading a lot of posts about ‘new year resolutions’ like every year we read posts like that. I do like to read about resolutions people make because I don’t make new year resolutions any more, I don’t believe in new year resolution myself. I did ofcourse, when I was young(er). But with time I found it to be a…. ‘not so useful thing’…. for me.

If I’m determined to do or change something I do it any time of the year. Like if I deside I need jogging or exercise, I start jogging even in heavy monsoon. I don’t wait for new year for that but whenever I’ve tried a ‘new year resolution’ in the past I’ve failed dismally. It just doesn’t work for me that way.



I like to Read, Write and Travel but most of all, I like spending time with my nephew.

16 thoughts on “New Year, Same Life :mrgreen:

  1. It has too much riding on it, like some rite of passage. When I quit smoking it was July (30 years ago). No resolution I ever made did I stick with. You are right. If you need to change something do it then, not wait for some hypothetical starting gate. And thank you for visiting my blog, too!

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  2. I can identify so much with this post. I used to love the thought of New Year’s Resolutions, as if there was something magical about it. Thesedays, the good old chipping away at my goals works best for me. Nothing beats hard work and consistency is key. I have always been good at starting new habits or projects but the most important lesson I am learning is perseverance. Thankyou for the reminder that positive change need not wait till a new year. A great post!

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