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My Pets: A Minute Pet

It was a summer vacation when I was around nine years old. I was visiting my uncle, who lived in a small village; in an old, tile-roofed house.

One afternoon I was just dawdling around the house like I did every noon back then and at a corner near the back door I saw something wriggling on the earth. It was something small, reddish brown, and I just had to see what it was, naturally… When I got near enough to examine it I saw something bald, with a tail and four tiny legs.

It was a newborn mouse and even its eyes weren’t open yet. It must have fallen from the rafters above. It was small, helpless, and cute; I had no choice but to take it under my protection; and I did just that.

I picked it up gently and put it in a small cardboard box. I tried to feed it with cotton dipped in milk. After some time my aunt found out what I was up to and advised me, very patiently, that it was no good and I should abandon my efforts.

Finally I agreed that the baby mouse should be left on the rafters, so its mother could find it, and handed it to my uncle. That was my smallest pet and for the shortest period.

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Happy raining ☺

Second week of June and It’s already raining outside, pouring, but the temperature is still around 83. I wonder how long it’s going to take for the earth to cool down?
I like rain, ever since I remember. In school I’d always take a seat near a window when raining, and many times I’d been told off for looking outside and not paying attention.
I’ve always loved all the sounds, visuals and smells of rain (good smells off course 😜). Birds chirping and cooing happily, fresh green grass, cool breeze and even thunders and lightning. I love it all untill it bothers me 😜.
I’m hoping this will be a memorable season. Happy rainy days 😉

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When Missy was young; around a year old we, me and my family and my uncle, went for a one day picnic to a resort just outside the town. We spent our morning roving, chattering and just enjoying the nature. After lunch my uncle decided to go for swimming, not in the pool but in the river which was flowing behind the resort and I followed him with Monty and Missy.

The river wasn’t deep or wide but had a rather heavy current. When my uncle jumped into the river, without a slightest hesitation Missy jumped right after him. Most dogs are born swimmers, or so I had heard, so I didn’t try to stop her but the current was too much for her and she stared to float away in the water while trying hard to keep her head above. I was starting to panic but my uncle was already behind her and he saved her with just a little difficulty. Missy was perfectly fine but since then she feared water until her last day on earth and it was always hard to wash her.