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It’s always the small things that matter

You are tall or short; I don’t care,

You are dark or fare; I don’t care,

Where you live; what you eat; I don’t care,

Who’s your friends; your family; I don’t care,


How you talk to a stranger; I want to know,

How you put up with a kid; I want to know,

How you bear with aged I want to know,

How you keep your word; I want to know,

All that matters is who you are…

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Nothing Changes

Yesterday was a Sunday and I was in no mood to get up early. It was ten thirty when my phone went off and I factually ignored it and kept on snoring. I noticed who my caller was after half hour when I finally woke up. It was an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in about four years. We used to live in same housing complex when we were kids. I was going to redial when my phone went off again, it was her again. I answered, she said she is going to visit some relatives who still live in this town and she is going to visit me in the evening. I said OK, I was home anyway. around two thirty in the afternoon she called again saying she is going to come to my home now and as she didn’t know where my new residence is so she was going to wait outside our old housing complex as my new home is fairly close to it.

She called again just ten minutes later “I’m here, where are you?” and I wasn’t even dressed yet. After tossing away my sleeping clothes and shoving myself in better ones I reached at the entrance of our old residence half running and saw her waving excitedly. She hasn’t changed at all. She told me she didn’t have any of our old friend’s numbers and I should call whoever was still in town. I dialed a few numbers; many of them were not free, only two said they’ll be at my home in ten minutes. They were excited too.

After about fifteen minutes three of our old friends joined us at my home for chatting, shouting and laughing like mad. We recalled all the old memories, how we used to play together, how we used to be at her home all the time. Her parents were so cool and never told anyone not to shout or to behave. So it was fun being at their place. And also how much fun it was at every public function of our apartment complex and how it’s not any fun anymore. Only two of our old friends were still living in the same colony and they always talked about nothing is same anymore, we all agreed on everything is changed now, people have changed, it just doesn’t feel same anymore and public functions are also not as fun as it were when we were kids so everyone of us almost stopped attending them. Yes everything around us has changed.

That evening we all revisited our old dwellings. Lots of kids were playing in the premise, all happy, enjoying just like we used to enjoy. Seeing them was like going back in time. Then I had a thought, maybe ten years later these kids too will meet up one day just like us and feel the same way about their old days, ‘its no fun anymore; everything has changed.

But everything else hadn’t changed, what really changed was only us. We grew up, we don’t enjoy things like we used to enjoy anymore, and everything else is the same.